Nexus Excel - Medically designed to fit snugly around the prostate

Nexus Excel P-Spot Massager Specs

The Nexus Excel P-Spot Massager From Just £40.00
Size - Insertable height
4 inches (10cm)
Size - Shaft diameter
1.75 inches (4 cm) Thickest point
4.5 inches (11.5 cm) Thickest point
Black, White, Red, Purple, Orange
  • black colour sex toy
  • white colour sex toy
  • red colour sex toy
  • purple colour sex toy
  • orange colour sex toy

About the Nexus Excel P-Spot Massager

The patented perineum-stimulating stainless steel ball of the Nexus Excel makes this prostate massager unique, tonguing the perineum with short, firm strokes to bring you to a grindingly obvious prostate-fuelled orgasm.

The Nexus Excel is thicker than the Nexus Glide, making it more fulfilling for those men who want a deeper, bigger sensation, with the added bonus of the ball bearing on the Excel to rub the perineum while the prostate is milked.

The Nexus Excel has a specially designed prostate-stimulating head which provides a deep and satisfying fit on the prostate and inside the anal canal. The shaft of the Excel gives the nerve-enriched anus delicious stimulation, which is all totally controlled by you and your anal contractions. Your contractions along with the unique shape of the Nexus Excel, milk the prostate to give you an explosive and elongated prostate massage and orgasmic experience. There is no risk of the Excel 'getting lost' in the anal canal, because it has the perineum protrusion and the handle to hold it in place while the prostate is stimulated. 

Nexus Excel Reviews

By: Ian, UK (19 March 2007)

"This is a truly wonderful device. At first i looked at it and needed to work out what it does. Bought it. Partner and I used it three nights ago and i havent looked back since (hehe). I can actually orgasm without an errection! thats incredible! And i can also have a much long orgasm and a lot more intense too! I think this is a great toy. Really recommend you try it"

By: Tvedwina (20 March 2007)

"What a fantastic item!! massive orgasms, and good way to open up anus before sex."

By: Sid (19th March 2007)

"I brought a Nero a while ago and thought it was a great little toy - so when I spotted this toy I thought id give it a go as well, and am pretty impressed !"