How You Can Write A Killer Resume?

With only eight more weeks until most of our final exams are done the end is in sight (…and about time too).

However, while we’re busy running for the finish line it might be easy to forget that there is life after April.

There are likely a few of you who will be lucky enough to get a proper break over the summer – relaxing, working on your tan and spending time hanging out with all your friends that you lost touch with throughout the year.

But if internships and summer employment are calling your name, now is just the beginning! Continue reading

Planning Your Academic Path

Whether you’re a first year student trying to decide what to major in or a third year student with only one more year until graduation, one of the most important and crucial things you must do is make sure you’re on the right track. On track of what you may ask? I mean, on track of the classes required for your major, the number of credits required to graduate from your university, the minimum average in your program to advance to the next year…you get the idea. As students, it is vitally important, and our responsibility, to ensure that we are on track with what is required in order to complete our degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc. Continue reading

How to “Link” Yourself to a Future

However, one tool any student can use to start thinking about and planning for their future is an online profile. Social media is very important in today’s world, with regards to careers and connections, but how can one find the right social media outlet that will benefit them in the future? Facebook and Twitter can be too informal; blogs are fine portfolio-wise, but limit the amount of professional connections one can make through the site. So how can students create the right online profile that will draw professionals in? On LinkedIn, the task of developing this profile is simple. Continue reading