All about College Disabilities Accommodations

If you are in need of special assistance and, at the same time, want to earn the privilege of those without disabilities, don’t worry because college disabilities accommodations may already be in place in the college you want to go to. With the American Disabilities Act of the 1990, students with disabilities are enabled to obtain the educational privileges that were only accessible to students without disabilities before.

College disabilities accommodations

The American Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits the discrimination and the denial of the public in granting privileges for people with disabilities. This act includes the college disabilities accommodations that cater to college students with physical or mental impairments. The college disabilities accommodations involve granting the same right and privilege for a normal education to persons with disabilities.

Services and accommodations offered

Because of college disabilities accommodations, persons with physical and mental impairment can study in colleges and be exposed to the same quality of academic training and preparation as persons without disabilities. The law demands the colleges to recognize that persons with disabilities have special needs; and it also requires colleges to offer special assistance to persons with disabilities. One of the examples of the services in college disabilities accommodations is the provision of assistance for disabled students in transferring from one room to another. Another is the assignation of a dorm for persons with disabilities. Part of the accommodations is the adjustment of the teachers in the teaching techniques.

Qualifications for college disabilities accommodations

Persons with physical or mental disabilities are qualified to apply for college disabilities accommodations. Due to the variation of disabilities, each school may set specific criteria for disability qualification. So, applicants should check the school to know the specific criteria.

Requirements for college disabilities accommodations

An interview is conducted to determine if the person is really disabled. However, the applicants have to submit first the requirements for college disabilities accommodations. To know these requirements, the applicants for college disabilities accommodations have to make an inquiry for the criteria in the college where they plan to apply to.
Like any other students, those who are applying for college disabilities accommodations must also pass the requirements for college admission. Applicants have to prepare the requirements such as the application forms, results of standardized exams, transcript of records, recommendation letters, and college admission essay. The college admission essay is one of the very important requirements that could make or break the applicants’ college admission. Applicants may view sample college application essays to learn the techniques of writing an excellent personal statement. College application essays may be viewed online.

Like any regular student, you should also prepare the other admission requirements the college you’re planning to get into requires. These include your GPA, the results of the standardized exams, and, of course, your personal statement. To aid you in writing your college application essay, you can read sample college application essays on the Internet. Sample college application essays will give you idea on how to write the personal statement that would capture the attention of the admission officers.