Surviving the Last Month of University

If you are anything like us, you have probably been checking your calendar daily, counting down the days until school is officially over. And this week is the week: one month of school left until summer! About time, right?
At this moment, most students are already feeling the start of the sun’s heat beating down upon on their skin. You can hear the silent ticking of the clocks, warning you that with each passing hour, they are that much closer to getting out of the classroom. You can see your peers’ vacant expressions in their eyes during lectures and your professors anxiously trying to get the class engaged in the discussion like they were in January. You can taste the upcoming freedom on your tongue, relishing that moment when you can say you’re officially done your school year.
This semester has been filled with homework, presentations, exams and stress – so it’s easy to understand why summer is just so desirable at the moment.
But with the alluring thought of summer comes the inevitable laziness and “I don’t care” attitudes most students suffer from those last few weeks.
So how do you beat those “blah” moments and make sure that this month will be the best month of your semester? Why, by following The Student’s Life’s 5 tips and tricks to surviving that last month (and trust us, we have had years of experience!):

Plan Ahead

Chances are, at the start of the semester, you were completely on top of everything. You knew what days all your upcoming quizzes and tests were going to be on, wrote down all your homework so you would remember, and kept track of what assignments and projects were due when. But after Reading Week, most students forget that that mini break doesn’t last forever – you have just as much of workload (if not more) after the Break as you had before it. And now that you have only one month left, it’s important to keep track of everything that is due in the next couple of weeks before Finals so you don’t miss or forget something!


Surviving the Last Month of UniversityAfter planning the month ahead – from everything that’s due right down to when you are going out for coffee or drinks with some friends – you are probably going to feel overwhelmed. How exactly are you going to get all this done in about four weeks without going crazy?? It’s a common reaction, but one that is easily fixed. It’s simple: just do the important tasks first. If you have an essay that’s worth 20% of your final mark and a reading response that’s worth 5% or less of your final mark both due the same week, which one are you going to do first? Easy – the essay. And sometimes when you prioritize, you’ll find that the party you had really wanted to go to on Friday night is in the way of you getting done that essay that’s worth a lot. University is all about making compromises, and this compromise will only benefit you in the end. Sure, you won’t have a crazy story to tell the next day, but you’ll have a great mark on that essay!

Don’t Procrastinate

We get it – all students procrastinate at some point. And most likely the beginning of the semester in January provided plenty of opportunity for you to procrastinate, allowing you to feel comfortable leaving some assignments to the end. Order cheap assignment help and have best grades. Well, here it is – this is the end. Now is the time to get done whatever you haven’t done as of yet. Time to buckle up, sit down and finish all that is on your plate. Don’t leave a major essay until the night before it’s due. Don’t start studying for your Finals a day or two before you take them. Do it now or it won’t get done.

Participate in Class

If there’s one thing that professors do that makes us feel younger than we are, it is taking attendance in class. Makes you feel like you’re in high school again, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is what many of us face in smaller post-secondary institutions (us included). Usually, at least 10% of your final mark is consisted of how you participated in class. And if you’re quiet like me (Lauren), chances are you have kept silent for the majority of the semester. Now is the time to speak up, voice your opinions and ask questions in order to make up those marks we could ultimately lose out on.


There’s something about the last month that invokes this sense of panic amongst the casual laziness of most students. One moment you’re thinking that you don’t care about school because you just want summer to come, and the next moment you realize that everything is due (cue: mayhem). Don’t freak out unless you want your hair to start falling out in heaps and your skin to turn green – okay, maybe that won’t happen. But all that stress can possibly trigger insomnia, acne and the decreasing strength of your immune system (and who really wants to be sick for Finals?). Sure, this month is going to be busy but don’t lose sight of looking after yourself, too. Spend time with those that make you happy and at ease, read, take a bath or watch a movie – anything that reminds you that while school is important, you’re important, too.